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The Douromed began operations in the final of 2000 and began as a small company that was dedicated to the sale and resale of latex gloves (the 1st logo were a small open hands).
However what seemed to be a promising 'business'  turned out to be a big problem, because the gloves were imported from Malaysia and the first (and only) import contained batches with a high proportion of defects. For a business that is starting, this is undoubtedly the worst scenery. It took a lot of courage and honesty to deal with a problem like this and explain everything to the customers.


Today, we are a solid company, competitive, honest and entrepreneurial, qualities we have acquired along the path we've made since the beginning and through the people who were integrating the company.

One hundred percent young, dedicated and thankful is how our team is defined, because we have consciousness that we can always do better and go further. We also know that our success passes by the success of our customers, for which one we don´t want to fail to mention and thank in this presentation text.

            Our thanks, and good business!





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E-mail : geral@douromed.com
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