General Conditions of Sales

Deliveries and Payments:
We offer several ways of shipping the products, the shipping method being automatically proposed in the ordering process in our online store. Delivery of the order can also be made at our facilities or by carrier at the customer's address.

Delivery Deadlines: Except in case of stock out, all orders are processed and shipped (or made available at our facilities) within an average period of 24 hours after the order is confirmed by the customer. 

Shipping: They are made every working day until 4 pm, so deliveries to mainland Portugal are guaranteed for the next working day, if orders are confirmed before 12 pm. Unless stock breaks or carrier delays. 

Shipping Fees: Shipping charges by carrier, CTT or other are always added (if applicable) to the automatic proposal issued, with no further charges. These values, when presented in the Order, already include VAT. 

Discounts: Will be applied automatically . The discount codes cannot be accumulated with each other, being allowed and valid only the use of 1 promotional code per purchase. 

Payments and Conditions:

    • Free shipping for orders over €120 or less excluding VAT;
    • Cash on delivery ;
    • Payment by bank transfer to NIB PT500007 0686 00014210008 39;
    • Orders can be collected at the store in Gandra-Paredes.

Warranties: Unless otherwise mentioned, all equipment has a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects after the date of sale. To activate a warranty process, the customer must present proof of purchase, together with the damaged equipment. 

    • There is a warranty period established by the manufacturer on its products, on manufacturing defects on receipt of the product and on damage during that period. To take advantage of the guarantee, it is necessary to present the purchase invoice and the packaging with the respective contents (manuals and other accessories). If the purchase invoice is not presented, the manufacturers reject any liability under the warranty. If you experience difficulties installing or using any product or software, make sure you are following the instructions in the manufacturer's manuals.

Returns process to Douromed and acceptance rules

With the main objective of providing an Excellence Service to our Clients, we hereby inform you of the acceptance criteria and the procedures that must be followed when making a return to Douromed.

    • Compliance with these procedures is mandatory, otherwise the return will not be accepted by Douromed.

    • The reasons for return accepted by Douromed are as follows:
      - Product ordered by mistake: medicines up to 5 days, remaining products up to 30 days after receiving the order; - Product damaged in transport and errors in filling: report within 48 hours. - Product quality problems: subject to prior analysis. For the treatment of these returns, the original supplier or manufacturer of the product will always be contacted. - Medicines with an expiration date of less than 3 months: subject to the conditions of the original supplier or holder of AIM (amount to be credited or direct exchange). 

    • Only returns of products that are in the original supply conditions are accepted. The costs of return shipping are at the customer's expense, except in situations of error by Douromed.

    • To make the return, it is necessary to provide the following information:
      - Douromed invoice number;
      - Product name and code;
      - Amount;
      - Lot;
      - Reason for return.
    • The products must be well packaged respecting the conditions of conservation described in the labeling in order to guarantee that they are maintained under general conditions of supply.

    • In the event that after the return of a product it is proved that it does not meet the return acceptance criteria, Douromed will return the material to the Customer with the shipping charges for the same.